Blend N Cake, The Designer Cake

BlendnCake specializes in delivering a variety of traditional cakes, Designer cakes, Dry cakes, chocolates etc. Make To Order using the best ingredients available during a big variety of various tastes, colors, designs and themes. You can get a cake of your choice customized with your thought process.


When I was in my teens, I sent a recipe for Christmas Plum Cake for a Holiday Competiton. Back in the 90s a plum cake was not available in every bakery shop or known to people as much as it is now. Sure enough, my recipe was chosen as a winner. And that is when I discovered my passion for baking.  My husband, a lover of good food and my kids who believe that having a balanced diet was having 2 cupcakes in each hand fuelled my love for baking. My baking experiments grew in leaps and bounds. 

I wanted to spread the love around with my delicious homemade cakes, cookies, and cupcake. I take classes for kids and adults. I do theme cakes for birthday parties. 

I would love to share my recipes and connect with people who share my passion for baking.  What is life without love, sugar, tons of frosting, and memories that we make- that last for a lifetime. Blend a cake blog is an attempt to create such cherishable moments for families and friends. 

Lets "B"ake the world a better place !!!